Eurobodalla Coastal Management Plan

In 2017, Eurobodalla Shire Council will prepare a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for the beaches, dunes and headlands along its 144km open coast, which stretches from South Durras to Mystery Bay and includes Batemans Bay east of the Clyde River Bridge.

The CMP will meet the requirements of the Coastal Management Act 2016, the Coastal Management SEPP and the new coastal Manual. It takes into account the findings of the 2014 South Coast Regional Sea Level Rise Policy and Planning Framework, adopted by Council in November 2014.

The CMP will build on coastal management studies prepared by council in conjunction with its local communities over the last five years.

The CMP will set out clearly how council will manage its responsibilities on the coast over the next 10 years, working in partnership with other public authorities and local communities. The objectives of the CMP are linked to council’s Community Strategic Plan but also reflect diverse local issues and objectives.

Over the next six months, council will be asking the community to comment on coastal risks and options to manage them now and in the future. Details of meetings and exhibition of the draft CMP will be available soon.


  • The NSW government has been engaged in wide ranging reform of coastal management requirements and processes for nearly 5 years.The scope of council's CMP has evolved to ensure it is based on the best available science and up to date government requirements.
  • Council has roles as a planner, regulator, communicator and land and asset manager on the coast. It has a responsibility to manage coastal risks and opportunities in a cost effective way, for the benefit of the community.
  • A total of 37 beaches are included; six of these are around Batemans Bay. The CMP does not cover beaches that are in national park, but council will work with Office of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Marine Park Authority, Department Primary Industries -Lands and other public land managers to share information and optimise coordination.
  • The CMP focuses on areas that are now or are expected to be affected by coastal hazards. In the open coast context, these include coastal erosion, recession, inundation, entrance instability and unstable cliffs and bluffs. In some areas, inundation hazard includes the impacts of catchment flooding as well as tides. Management options and priorities are based on risk.
  • The CMP also covers biodiversity, cultural and scenic values of the open coast and the management of facilities that encourage community access to and use of the Shire's beautiful beaches and headlands
  • When the CMP is complete and has been certified by the Minister for the Environment, council will be well placed to access state government funding to help with implementation


Council's draft goals for the coast

Council's draft goals for the coast


What makes an effective CMP?

What makes an effective CMP?

Which beaches?

The CMP will consider the values, use, risks and management options for 37 beaches and a small number of headlands. After preliminary assessments of assets potentially exposed to coastal hazards, detailed coastal hazard studies have been prepared for beaches around Batemans Bay, and for South Durras, Sunshine Bay, Surf Beach, Malua Bay, Barlings Beach, Tomakin and Broulee.

For other Eurobodalla beaches, existing development is set back from the area which could be affected by coastal hazards in the medium to long term.

Batemans Bay (opens in a new window)

  • Maloneys Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Surfside
  • Batemans Bay CBD and Marina area
  • Corrigans Beach
  • Caseys Beach
  • Headlands within Batemans Bay

Wider Eurobodalla Coast (opens in a new window)

  • South Durras
  • Sunshine Bay
  • Denhams Beach
  • Surf Beach
  • Wimbie Beach
  • Circuit Beach
  • Lilli Pilli Beach
  • Mosquito Bay
  • Garden Bay
  • Malua Bay
  • McKenzies Beach
  • Rosedale Beach
  • Guerrilla Bay
  • Barlings Beach
  • Tomakin Cove
  • Broulee
  • Bengello Beach
  • Moruya Heads Beach
  • Congo Beach
  • Bingie and Coila Beaches
  • Plantation Beach
  • One Tree Beach
  • Potato Point
  • Dalmeny
  • Yabbara Beach
  • Duesburys Beach
  • Kianga Beach
  • Carters Beach
  • Bar Beach
  • Narooma Beach
  • Handkerchief Beach
  • Mystery Bay

North Batemans Bay (Wharf Road) is already included in a certified CZMP (2017), as directed by the Minister for Planning.