Managing Change in the Coastal Zone

What's new?

June 2014: Shoalhaven Authorised Locations, Coastal Erosion Remedial Options - Collingwood Beach (PDF, 5.5MB)

May 2013: Management of Shoreline Erosion and Beach Access - Callala Bay Design Review (PDF, 5.8MB)

May 2013: Shoalhaven Authorised Locations, Coastal Erosion Remedial Options – Mollymook Beach (PDF, 5MB)

May 2013: Shoalhaven Authorised Locations, Coastal Erosion Remedial Options – Callala Beach (PDF, 4MB)

May 2013: Go to the OEH web site for updates on the coastal reform process in NSW, including new guidelines and protocols for coastal hazard assessment and management.

April 2013: Release of Marine Estate Management Authority documents - view here.

April 2013: NSW Planning System White Paper available for comment. The White Paper and Marine Estate Management Authority documents include proposals to supersede the NSW Coastal Policy.

Nov 2012: Some FAQ about the coastal plan - view here

Oct - Dec 2012: The draft the Draft 2012 Shoalhaven Coastal Zone Management Plan is now on exhibition!

Sept 2012: Recent changes to the coastal management process in NSW, giving Council and the public more flexibility. Read more about it on the Office of Environment and Heritage website:

July 2012: Release of the revised draft of the Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Shoalhaven Coastline

March - June 2012: Updating of the Coastal Zone Management Plan.

March 2011: OEH releases the following guidelines and statutory requirements for emergency coastal protection works.

   - Guide to Statutory Requirements for Emergency Coastal Protection Works

   - Code of Practice under the Coastal Protection Act 1979

   - Released in July - Coastal zone management guide note – Emergency action subplans

2011: DECCW becomes Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), which oversees coastal zone management in NSW.

December 2010: Guidelines for preparing Coastal Zone Management Plans.

15 October 2010: Recent advice from the Minister; click here to download the file.

15 September 2010: The NSW State Government has released its Coastal Risk Management Guide. Click Here to download a copy of the guide.

Environmental Defenders Office - Free seminar on environmental law and coastal communities, 23rd June 2010. Click Here for more information.

Council has recently revised and updated its coastal erosion hazard study. Click here to go to the full updated report and the most up to date maps of areas affected by coastal erosion hazards.

August 2010: August 2010: Coastal Risk Management Guide - Incorporating sea level rise benchmarks in coastal risk assessments

8 April 2010: The NSW government has released a package of statutory, policy and guideline reforms for the management of coastal erosion issues. In particular, amendments to the Coastal Protection Act will provide for temporary emergency coastal protection works. Amendments to the NSW Infrastructure SEPP affect consent requirements for coastal protection works. The reforms also introduce new powers for Council, including charges/levies for coastal properties and increased powers and penalties in relation to unauthorised materials dumped on beaches.

DECCW has also released:
   - Draft Minister’s Requirements for Temporary Protection Works
   - Draft Guide to Statutory Requirements for Temporary Coastal Protection Works
Submissions may be made on the draft requirements and draft guide before 7 May 2010.

30 November 2009: Council has finalised its Draft DCP 118 and it is on public exhibition. Click here to read the draft.

9 November 2009: Updated Culburra Coastal Hazard Map posted.

4 November 2009: The National Sea Change Task Force Newsletter, October 2009 provides context and comments on recent government announcements about coastal management.

27 October 2009: The House Standing Committee on Climate Change, Water the Environment and the Arts has released its report into the impact of climate change on coastal communities - 'Managing our coastal zone in a changing climate:the time to act is now'. Click here to read the report.

19 October 2009: The NSW Government has announced new reforms to coastal erosion management in NSW. The reforms will be discussed at the Coastal Conference at Ballina 4-6 November 2009 and include a final sea level rise policy, new planning guidelines and emergency management measures for 19 ‘hot spot’ beaches along the coast. Two of these beaches are in the Shoalhaven. For further information, click here

Our valuable coastline

Our 165 kilometres of coastline, stretching from Shoalhaven Heads to North Durras, is one of our biggest assets. About 46,000 people live along the coast. In holiday times safe beaches and lakes in a peaceful and natural setting attract five times that many visitors - tourism and coastal recreation are big employers.

Coastal hazards threaten our environment

Coastal hazard studies have shown our coast is affected by severe erosion. Erosion will worsen in the future, creating major challenges. Difficult decisions need to be made about how to manage these hazards to best protect the natural landscape, Council's assets (such as parks, facilities and sewer lines) and people's homes, now and in the future.

Council's investment in a sustainable coastline

The Shoalhaven Coastline Zone Management Plan is one way Council is managing the effects of changing hazards on our coast.

For each beach and coastal community, the Plan sets out what needs to be done and why some management approaches are better than others. The report will guide:

  • development and use of land
  • access to beaches, dunes and headlands
  • use of recreational facilities
  • management of vegetation, biodiversity and landscape for beaches, dunes and coastal reserves
  • community involvement.

View draft plan

Council is in the process of updating the draft Coastal Zone Management Plan to take into account recent changes to the coastal hazard assessment following on from changes to the NSW coastal legislation and CZMP preparation guidelines. To view the Coastal Zone Management Plan (updated July 2012) please use the PDF links below:

The Extent of the Shoalhaven Coastline

Click on coastal areas to see an aerial photograph of the site:

Aerial 1 Aerial 2 Aerial 3 Aerial 3 Aerial 4 Aerial 4 Aerial 5 Aerial 5

For more information, contact Council's Natural Resources and Floodplain Manager, or Council's Coasts and Estuaries Officer. Contact details are available here.

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