Managing Change in the Coastal Zone

Summary: Stages in preparing the Shoalhaven Coastal Zone Management Plan

The table below summarises the steps involved in the project, what has been completed so far and what remains to be done.

Shoalhaven Coastal Zone Management Plan - stages of development

ActionProgress to date
Form a community, council and agency reference committeeA coastal zone management committee was established by Council early in the project.
Seek fundingFunding partners: Shoalhaven City Council, Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (DECCW) and the Commonwealth Natural Disaster Mitigation Fund.
Prepare coastal hazard studies, Short-term and up to 50 years planning: coastal erosion, flooding and geotechnical issues Consultants SMEC were commissioned by Council in 2004 to provide specialist advice on coastal hazards: " preliminary hazard studies 2004 " detailed hazard studies 2007/2008 " revised hazard studies with new sea level parameters 2009
Prepare studies of coastal zone values such as biodiversity, recreation, scenic views, economic development, social and cultural heritage Coastal communities consulted by Council and its consultants. Draft objectives are included in the draft coastline management study. Community consultation and draft objectives completed in 2008.
Assess risk by evaluating how the coastal hazards will impact on the values of the coastAnalysis completed by SMEC and Umwelt in 2008. The analysis was revised to take account of new sea level rise guidance from DECCW (now OEH).
Identify and evaluate potential ways to reduce important risksA draft coastal zone management plan was completed in 2008. Plan currently being reviewed and updated by Council to ensure new and increased risks are properly addressed. The revised draft Coastal Zone Management Plan to be exhibited in mid 2012.
Prepare for implementation including:
  • assign responsibility for actions
  • define work timeframe
  • establish funding
  • prepare detailed designs and costings for on-ground work
  • develop community education
  • develop planning controls
Timeframe and responsibility and some detailed designs (for example, sea wall, reserve landscaping) are included in draft Plan. Detailed implementation schedules are included in the revised Plan.
Monitor and evaluate progress - adjust priorities and responses as necessaryMonitoring and maintenance schedules for Council's coastal assets in place. Shoalhaven City Council liaises with SRCMA, OEH, LPI and other agencies to contribute to effective and efficient monitoring of the condition of natural and built coastal assets.
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